Digital PR and Social Media

From search optimisation of press releases to blogger engagement, social media activism to sentiment monitoring, link-baiting to viral syndication – all communication needs to work hard online.

And while taking a more proactive approach to digital and social media can be daunting, the potential benefits are immense.

SKV has therefore developed a range of services that maximise the benefits and minimise the risks.

In addition we audit our clients’ existing digital strategies and online visibility – and ask challenging questions.

Questions like:

  • “Would a sixty second film on YouTube tell your story better than a press release ever could?”
  • “Is your idea of sentiment monitoring the setting up of some Google email alerts and the occasional look at ‘deep’ search results?”
  • “How would you respond if a few disgruntled customers on Facebook grew into a full-blown reputational crisis?”
  • “And when you say you’re on Twitter, are you using it strategically?”

These and other issues can be addressed through intelligent intervention, creative solutions and a disciplined approach to digital PR.

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