Public Consultation

SKV has delivered Public Consultation exercises for public sector bodies and private companies for many community and regeneration projects.

Engaging with key stakeholders and audiences about proposals which affect their lives will always need sensitive and intelligent handling.

In some cases, we have been asked to generate creative themes or delivery mechanisms to turn a dry exercise into a compelling project.

For example, for Stockport Council, we launched Future Stockport, the town centre masterplan, which included a major consultation exercise with the borough’s residents.

Our mobile inflatable ‘the Stockpod’ was a big hit with residents, attracting 700 visitors and 1,000 questionnaire respondents.

We have also handled projects for Oldham MBC, Salford City Reds, ISIS Waterside Regeneration and property development companies.

Local authorities and other bodies considering creative solutions to public consultation needs should contact SKV on (0161) 838 7770.