SKV PR Services

At SKV we are passionate about communication.

Communicating to the people and organisations our clients need to inform and influence, we use the entire range of marketing channels at our disposal, including exciting and innovative online approaches.

Using our skills to create and produce powerful words and images, we devise and execute imaginative campaigns, events and public consultation exercises by enthusing the media, influencers, partners, stakeholders, internal audiences and the wider public.

We operate close and effective associate relationships with creative, design, web/digital, media buying and direct mail suppliers to provide the widest possible menu of traditional and online marketing services.
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Public Relations

Our campagins help clients build reputation in target sectors, helping them to make lasting business connections, win new business and generate sales. Read more >

Social Media

Online PR provides grear opportunities for detailed measurement and tracking, so analytics is an essential part of our service. Read more >

Video Production

Consumer habits are changing. Business habits are changing. Visitors expect to see videos on a website. If the subject matter of a film is compelling, relevant and witty, it encourages social networking among a target audience. Read more >

Event Management

We have delivered everything from media conferences targeted at key media figures, to the launch of a new consumer products and visitor destinations, including leisure and cultural landmarks in the UK regions. Read more >