Salvalco is a commercial spin-out business from University of Salford in Greater Manchester who developed the unique ‘Eco-Valve’ aerosol spray system.

A technology breakthrough in the sector, the Eco-Valve is a cleaner, greener aerosol delivery system which uses compressed air or an inert gas to deliver the can’s contents, rather than the more common liquid petroleum gas (LPG) propellant.

SKV’s brief was to launch the Eco-Valve concept into global aerosol, filler, packaging and can-making sectors through specialist trade press PR activity including Spray, Aerosol Europe and The Can Maker.

Influential media coverage was secured in these and a range of other niche titles including platforms which covered personal care products, environmental technologies, and ‘greener’ manufacturing.

SKV’s extensive and in-depth trade press coverage, including a three-page feature in The Can Maker’s US, European and Asian editions, helped to successfully launch Salvalco’s Eco-Valve concept into the global aerosol and filling sectors.

Such authoritative coverage also helped secure an editorial reference to the invention of Eco-Valve on Wikpiedia’s official aerosol pages.

SKV art directed a hi-tech product photography session in the University of Salford’s spray research labs which substantially boosted the volume and quality of press coverage.