Easter campaigns were a cracking success

Does the idea of Creme Egg flavour mayonnaise appeal? Or how about some hot-cross bun flavour stuffing with your Sunday lunch?

These are two of the savoury – or should we say unsavoury? –  Easter-themed products that grabbed media attention in the run-up to the bank holiday weekend.

The mayonnaise – a tie-up between Heinz and Cadbury – and Aldi’s stuffing promoted wide-ranging discussion across social media and featured in more traditional news media.

In fact, they were probably designed to be PR stunts rather than just products, intended to grab the attention of audiences and win media coverage.

Ideas like these are a way of piggybacking on one of the important dates in our calendar.

PR, marketing and advertising people love doing this – calendar milestones like Christmas, New Year, April Fools’ Day and the start of spring are great opportunities for us to launch new tactics and campaigns, using the date as a hook.

The Malmaison hotel chain also hopped onto the Easter PR bandwagon, with a social media campaign which featured their Bad Bunny character drinking and smoking.

Ikea loved the bunny idea too. They launched a flat-pack Easter bunny that customers had to reassemble before eating – perfectly fitting with the Ikea brand.

There have been some cracking Easter campaigns and stunts in recent years.

These included Deliveroo’s tie in with Game of Thrones, which involved it offering chocolate dragon eggs for sale through its online app last year.

Carlsberg set up an outdoor pop up bar – made of chocolate, serving lager in a chocolate glass. Probably the best Easter stunt in the world?

But not every Easter campaign is destined for success.

In March this year, Cadbury had to pull its ‘real treasure hunt’ ad campaign after it was accused of advocating looting.

The campaign encouraged children to ‘grab your metal detector and go hunting for Roman riches’ at sites across the UK.

Archaeologists were outraged and the Advertising Standards Authority received around 30 complaints.


Jason Grimsley
Senior Account Manager