SKV Communications is one of first companies to work with brand ambassador agency ‘Agents Of’

Agents Of, the new venture set up by former UKFast Director of Partner Development Chris Marsh, is described as a “brand ambassador agency” and is also already working with Apadmi, Webantic, Cube3, Space 48, Telcom, JB Cole and Six and Flow.

Marsh is one of the north-west’s best-known tech and digital sector figures and had been in the role at the Manchester-based cloud and hosting firm since 2013.

He said:

“It has been a wonderful experience working with UKFast at such an exciting time in the company’s growth. I have learned so much from Lawrence (Jones, CEO of UKFast) and his team, and we part on excellent terms.

“Thanks to my time at UKFast and my non-executive and education activities, I have acute insights into the issues and challenges facing the tech and digital sector in Manchester and the north-west.

“You could say I’m pretty well-connected, and there are not many Manchester businesses and people I don’t know in these fields.”

SKV will benefit from Marsh’s expertise, which will focus around growth strategy with introductions and commercial opportunities from his networks.

Before joining UKFast, Marsh worked for worked for Melbourne Server Hosting, and he also holds non-executive roles with Manchester Digital and the charity Forever Manchester.

He intends to continue his work with educating young people about the tech sector through his roles at Network Young CIC and as STEM Ambassador with the Museum of Science and Industry.

He added:

“My career to date has all been about building relationships and with Agents Of, I’ll be a brand ambassador for my clients, brokering relationships for them with new commercial partners,”

“The Agents Of businesses are all strong players in their fields and looking to grow. I’ll be helping to build their brands exclusively within their specialism.

“They are all non-competing and there is great potential for them to collaborate on new client projects.”

SKV Managing Director Andy Spinoza said:

“This is a great step for Chris and we’re pleased to be amongst the first companies to work with Agents Of. We understand the importance of strategy and brand recognition from 20 years working in the PR sector, so we look forward to the opportunities that this new relationship will afford us.”