The Leader?

The Evening Standard’s Leader column has been one of the most influential voices in London for nearly 200 years and is being translated into audio format as the podcast trend takes hold across media.

The new daily podcast, including extracts from its editorial Leader column, is created in the Standard’s newsroom and is released to a 4pm deadline from Monday-Friday.

The 15-minute podcast brings exclusive opinion and analysis from the newspaper’s key journalists and includes excerpts from the regular Leader column.

The podcast project, eighteen months in the planning, is being keenly observed from across the industry and results from the 3-month pilot are eagerly awaited.

Print media owners know they need to innovate to build new audiences and create commercial opportunities and underwriting a daily podcast project may appear too much for some operators.

But what should be analysed is the additional elements of the podcast activity such as the way the team are working in partnership with Google to create short form news stories on the assistant and releasing bulletins for Amazon Alexa.

Bite size news from the capital will be available in a range of branded digital formats to complement the podcast indicating a major investment and ambitious plans.

The Standard is leading the way – it will be fascinating to see who follows.