The Lowry Hotel wins the race to create a city centre route for runners and joggers

The landmark five-star Lowry Hotel has created the first recommended route for runners in Manchester city centre.


General Manager Adrian Ellis, who has managed numerous prestige hotels worldwide in a 25-year career, wanted to cater to the growing number of visitors who want to stay fit and get to know the city at the same time.


“Lots of our business and tourism guests enjoy keeping fit with a daily jog, just like many others who live here in the city – one of the most common questions our concierge team get asked is ‘where’s the best place to jog or run in Manchester city centre?’


“However, despite the demand there’s no official route easily available to residents or visitors. We’ve created a handy guide to be worn around the neck and used as people run.”


Adrian has tested out the 3km route himself, which takes joggers and faster runners through some of the city’s main landmarks.


He adds: “Manchester has a very compact centre with lots to see. Our route starts by crossing into Manchester by the iconic Trinity Bridge outside the hotel.


“Then it goes through the business and retail district of Spinningfields, then past sights including the Beetham Tower, the Museum of Science and Industry, House of Fraser and Manchester Cathedral.”


The route has been backed by the community running club at Sweatshop, the popular running sports good store in the Arndale Centre.


The store’s running community organises regular runs for people living and working in and around the city centre, and store manager David Guy says he will introduce the new Lowry Hotel run into the club’s programme.


David says: “The run is an easy to navigate, two mile route (3.2 kilometres), which takes place around the inner centre of Manchester with differing views of the city and its landmarks.


“The route provides a pleasant view of Manchester’s landscape and development – ideal for visitors who are looking for a gentle, steady run. Our Sweatshop beginners group will be incorporating it into our Monday sessions, if guests would like to join.”


“Those after a more challenging route are welcome to join our extended version on Tuesdays Thursdays or Sundays.”


You can check their website for specific event and run times from the Arndale store


Mr Ellis, who recently oversaw the 165-room hotel’s £4m refurbishment, welcomed the runners club to the hotel (see photo) and said:

“The recent refurbishment is a vote of confidence in the future of Manchester as a leading business and visitor destination.


“Of course the running route can be undertaken by anyone, not just hotel guests, and we are sharing it on social media as a useful guide for anybody who wants a route around the city which takes in some landmarks.


“Running is a great way to view the city centre, but we would of course always urge people to exercise the same caution they would running through the streets of any location.”